I’m a one-woman music and sound production shop located in Hollywood that has been in business since 2006. There’s a fun joke in the pseudonym “Psykick Girl”: it means I can predict what music will work for you and it’s going to “kick ass”!

My signature sound is a casserole of orchestral elements (strings, piano, etc) fused with modern electronic production. Tech house, electro, funk, breaks, old skool hiphop and industrial all make their way into my music, resulting in a tribal energy, power and presence that demands attention.

While I love electronic music, I’m first and foremost a composer, not a “DJ”. I actually play instruments and write melodies. We live in an incredible time technologically,  but it’s still important to be able to just pick up a guitar or sit at the piano and play a tune. I write and arrange in many different styles for various artistic collaborations and TV licensing projects, so you’ll hear everything from emo piano pieces to zydecho to jazz to classical in my songs.

I also sing. My voice has been compared to Annie Lennox, Kate Bush or Tracey Thorn. I’ve performed my music+multimedia experience onstage at venues in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dublin and San Francisco.

Custom Music

For clients such as Oprah, Verizon and SouthWest, I write custom tracks for ANYTHING that needs great music to brand the experience:
TV Shows
Commercials (Radio & TV)
Short Films
Corporate Presentations
Web Sites
Session vocals/vocal arrangements

Sound Design and Production

For clients like Kuma Games and Disney, I’ve produced projects that needed good audio production and sound design. I especially love working with voiceover artists.

Folio Design
Live Theatrical Productions
Video Game Sound Design

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