Spark Condenser Mic : New Addition to my studio

Very stoked to get started on vocal tracks using my new Spark condenser mic.

Yes–those are lyrics written on a receipt from Trader Joe’s.  When creativity strikes, it can be anywhere…

Visit me sometime at my studio in the BETA Records production compound in Hollywood.  Apparently, it used to be one of Charlie Chaplin’s production facilities; most of them have been torn down to build condos or strip malls.  Ahh, L.A.!

Avantone Mixcubes





As soon as funds allow–maybe in July–I plan to get a pair of the Avantone Mixcubes.  I’ve been hearing great things about them.  You really get a bang for your buck since they are only $269 at Sweetwater.  They’re 93dB efficient so you can run them on just about anything.  Plus, they just look really cool.  I love the sleek, retro design.

Anyone else using these puppies?