Music for Measure M : One of the most important ballot initiatives in Los Angeles

Measure M is a desperately needed proposal to improve transportation funding and projects in Los Angeles, just in time when the population and traffic in the city have hit an all-time high. For LA to move into the next phase of being a mature, functioning megapolis, getting behind this measure is essential to avoid things becoming an utter mess in the future.

The campaign needed an upbeat track for their viral video…something that conveyed a sense of urgency, positivity and progress.

What better track than “The Time is Now”? Strange how the names of my songs end up deciding their placement fate. “The Time is Now” starts out with hopeful strings, then add tribal percussion, layer on an ethereal pattern of guitar notes loops on top…and from there just keep building and building the urgency.

When I wrote this track, I was definitely meditating on a positive uprising of sorts, and with the percussion, I was attempting to go for the same groove you hear on Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime.” Strangely, that title of that Talking Heads video is also a nod to the urgency of Measure M. It’s a measure that will definitely change lives.

here’s the video:

And here’s the original track so you can hear it on its own: