Always Discreet

My song “Sneaky Sneaky” has been placed yet again on a national spot…this time for Always Discreet underwear. Who woulda thought the same tune would advertise prune juice and adult underwear? Good god. This song must be scatalogical somehow.

Who really cares because it’s helping our elders and there’s some nice front end coming from BMG and some nice royalties.


This song has gotten licensed to so many things… I think it’s because it sounds like that “song you heard somewhere before.”

Informercial for Tria Laser

My music is the theme music for the Tria Laser, an infomercial that ranks #25 on the list of most popular infomercials. It has aired thousands of times. Apparently, it’s one of the most successful infomercial-driven product launches in history.  Many thanks to my licensing partner, Mainstream Source, on this project.

I did get paid pretty nicely on this, but I should note that I had to go through a lot of extra effort with ASCAP to make sure that they would pay me for this. They may be better now but several years ago they were not good about tracking infomercials at all in their system. I had to open a special ticket and provide them with a lot of data, which included information from tune sat as well as the actual media buy information, which I was lucky enough to procure from Guthy Renker.

you can watch the clip below which still exists out on YouTube… My song “5 Good Teasons” appears at about:28 in.